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We want to let you know that is was a pleasure working with you all over the months. Your expertise, patience, kindness, support and guidance was outstanding and we would not hesitate to purchase another home from Parkside should the opportunity arise.
Camille & Francis
Building my first home while living out of town posed a challenge in-itself so finding a builder who would not only see my vision but would accommodate specific must-haves while retaining quality led me to Parkside Homes. Every step of the way was met with ease, from the design concept - which is not cookie-cutter to choosing finishes and the ability to customize my master bathroom turned out better than I had envisioned. Parkside attention to detail can be seen throughout my home and working with Lou and his team was truly an enjoyable experience. They communicated with me every step of the way even though I lived out of town and did not fuss when I had last minute changes. It's been five years and Parkside Homes still provides me with exceptional customer service by checking in. I cannot recommend Parkside Homes enough. They truly are a quality builder and anyone that visits cannot stop complimenting on what a beautiful home I have. Thanks Lou!
Tracey S.
After retiring and selling our 30-year-old Toronto business in 2016, my husband and I were looking to relocate to the Niagara Region. We looked at many homes on the market here in Niagara, but couldn’t find anything we wanted to call home. We were fortunate enough to find Lou and Parkside Homes to build our forever home. We signed on the dotted line and in less then 6 months our home was completed and ready to move in. Lou and his team were amazing, he always went above and beyond to accommodate us. The quality, workmanship and attention to detail was excellent. Lou would always give us updates along the way to put our mind at ease, as we lived out of town. He made the entire process of building a custom home, seamless. Jim, the site foreman was great to deal with, always so pleasant and accommodating with our needs and changes, We both enjoyed working with him. Nothing was a problem for Jim, and he always made sure it happened. Karen, was truly amazing, helped and guided us all the way, from start to finish...picking out everything from the shingles on the roof to Jack's “Soft Close” toilets ha ha! Karen was such a pleasure to deal with, and very knowledgeable on putting everything together. This month will be 5 years in our Home and we love it... we get lots of wows when people come in and they always notice, and are amazed at the “rounded corners". “Definitely not the work of all builders” . It’s very clear that Lou and his team take pride in building their homes. We will always recommend Parkside Homes. Thank you!
Jeannette & Jack
Parkside Homes did an excellent job of building my house. I decided to purchase my second rental property as a new build. After a major renovation converting to a duplex on my first property, I needed it to be easy. Lou and his team did a great job of making it easy for me. Their designer Karen was very helpful when choosing design elements and it was a lot of fun! The guys were always happy to let me come by and check on the progress. The house was done in good time and it was overall a great building experience. The house was built with quality materials and excellent tradespeople. I would have them build again for me anytime and would highly recommend Parkside Custom Homes Inc. Thanks Lou and the team for doing such a great job on the house and for a great experience.
Julie P.
We wanted to build a Customized 2000 square foot bungalow, with certain custom interior and exterior layouts. This dream of ours come true after meeting Lou, the owner of Parkside Custom Homes. After checking out some of the homes built by Parkside Homes and speaking to Lou we decided to get things started. Immediately everyone within the Parkside team went above and beyond to ensure that we got exactly what we were looking for, right down to the smallest and to the very last detail. First, we were introduced to the plans designer that worked closely and patiently with us for the customized house plans that we wanted. Right after that, Karen which is Parkside Homes’ full-time certified interior & exterior specialist / designer, accompanied us to all of the different suppliers, helping us step by step, to pick the different items for the entire house. From floors right through to the color for the interior walls, all the way up to the brick and stone. Even to the color of the frames for the outside windows, and the shingles on the roof. Parkside Homes selections for everything that went inside the house, and for the actual materials to building our house, are of at best quality and way above and beyond the building codes / specs required. Not to mention it was way above what we expected, as this being the second house that my wife and I have built and have had some disappointing previous experience with builders. Lou the owner of Parkside Homes and Jim, the site supervisor were there for us on a daily base while the house was being built; and afterwards during the walk through as to ensure that whatever was done and put in place, was exactly what we had envisioned and wanted. We have been in the house going on the 4th year now, and even now, when I call Lou to ask for any after sales service or advice, he and the Parkside Homes Team, have been there for us every time without a second word. In conclusion if you are looking to build a customized house and to deal with individuals that are professionals, take “true” and “real pride” on Service, workmanship, quality, and willing to bend over backwards, as to accommodate you because they want to ensure that you are satisfied with everything 100%; then Lou and the Parkside Custom Homes Team, is the builder for you.
George Skotidas
Hello Lou, Karen and Jim, We would like to thank you for building our beautiful home on Arrowsmith Court in Stevensville. We really appreciate how you accommodated our special requests like raising the front porch and the foyer of our bi-level (raised bungalow) to minimize the number of steps to the main floor; as well as the rear entrance with unique raised stairwell. We also made many modifications right up to the framing stage and you and your team were able to make these changes easily and professionally. Also, the 9 ft basement with many large windows will allow us to create a beautiful open and bright space in the future. Thanks again to the Parkside team for building our home with high quality finishes and the ability to make all the selections and choices that really makes the home a unique expression of our tastes.
Mishel and Majlinda
I worked with Parkside home on a custom built duplex. The builder diligently followed all building codes and went beyond those to provide high ceilings that make the home look brighter for example. Above average finishes were used such as soft close cupboards, curved drywall edges, high baseboards, a premium quiet garage door and fiberglass tub/shower enclosures. Quality tradespeople were chosen to make the home look its best and be comfortable for many years to come. All outstanding work and any minor details after the sale of the home were completed in a timely and professional manner. Everyone was very flexible in accommodating my schedule. The designer knew the materials well and understood how to combine my preferences to maximize function with great design. Parkside homes is a quality builder with a great reputation. They are proud of their work and always strive to make the buyer happy.
Liz B.
It looks amazing. You do great work I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your patience for your dedication and for your partnership On behalf of Claudio and myself we really appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do. Your house is your most valuable asset and investing in a new customized home could be the most stressful challenge in normal circumstances. Entrusting and proceeding to start this journey during Covid, the most unprecedented times, could potentially and inevitability result in challenges beyond anyone’s control if you don’t have the right builder behind you. The uncertainty of the future, supply & demand and the unknown was extremely comforting to know we had Lou Biagi and Parkside homes to help us every step of the way. He has been our voice and listened to what was important to us and the dynamic and unique needs of our family. From the moment we met with Lou Biagi for the initial consultation and warm introduction at South Shores Niagara to our new builder, was the most seamless engagement. Like any solid relationship and customized build, you need a strong foundation. We found this with Parkside Homes and much more than we ever expected. Lou and his partners from Nauta Home Designs Architect to the design consultation of designer Karen, to the ongoing relationship developed with the Superintendent Jim, each helped to fine-tune all of our requests every step of the way. Lou has been the backbone of every contractor. Unlike any other builder we have worked with he was there at ALL times (day or night; week or weekends). He listened to our needs, embraced it with pride and ownership as if it was his own home. We have purchased homes in the past and will note with confidence the true amazing dedication which we had never experienced before. Lou Biagi as a Builder goes above and beyond. His passion and attention to detail truly underlines the excellence of the workmanship. One key note that resonates with us and surprises all whom we share our experiences with is his PERSONAL commitment to every detail, every stage and it doesn’t stop upon closing of the home. It’s his Interactive personal customized engagement. If it doesn’t meet his standards, he will ensure it’s completed accordingly. It’s his commitment to excellence. Lou and his Team have not only sketched their trade mark in the collaboration of this magnificent house we call home, they have given us their Parkside Legacy. It’s no wonder that what began as a general introduction during the most unforeseen times has created a bond between us and now these incredible individuals led by Lou Biagi are family Thank you, Parkside Homes, and a special THANK YOU to you Lou for your ongoing embrace. Design Beyond Distinction!
Marlene & Claudio
Dear Parkside Homes Team....Lou & Maria, Karen, Jim Thanks for putting your heart into building our beautiful home. You are a great team! Most of all we will enjoy our new beautiful home in Niagara ... open & bright, a place to relax & entertain.
Rose Marie & David
Thank you so much for building our beautiful home.   We're spending Christmas and Holidays here and we're so thankful and happy for this blessing. Thanks for our beautiful house.
Dennis & Maria
The building experience with Parkside Custom Homes was nothing short of exceptional.  Lou Biagi and the design team keep you up to date and involved throughout the entire process. Right from the start it is clear that they focus on the customers needs down to every detail and provide professional guidance whenever needed.  Even though we didn't live in the area during the build, we received constant updates and Parkside worked around our schedule for all the needed walkthroughs and selections.  We couldn't be happier with the high quality construction, finishes and services that Parkside Custom Homes provided.  We would highly recommend Lou and his team for any new build project.
Jaron & Marcy
We are back from Florida and have been over to the house. It looks great with the fireplace granite installed and all cleaned up. Also the finished ensuite looks great with the shower glass installed. The work you did grading the lot and the driveway is appreciated. Thanks to you and the Parkside team for all the great work.
Ted & Kim

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